Donation target

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All types of Pages are donation targets and thus able to receive monthly donations from a User's set budget. Users will use the Donation Bar UI to allocate % of their budget to a donation target.

What isn't a donation target?[edit | edit source]

The navigational flow still needs to be worked out, but one example of something that probably wouldn't be a donation page is a Settings view. However, this view could potentially donate back to the app itself, which could be set up to be a donation pool that's distributed among technical contributors, investors, etc.

Furthermore, this Settings view might not even need to be a full-page view. To keep the content maximally immersive, settings could be some kind of pop-over that is globally accessible.

Categories?[edit | edit source]

There's an open question about whether or categories will be donation targets, which could replace Donation pools. Or it could behave similarly to Donation pools but both could exist.